The Game Day Monitor is designed to be your comprehensive source for all things Football and Fantasy Football.  Our goal is to provide an integrated experience on game day whether you are at home on the couch, at your favorite watering hole, or even sitting on the 50 yard line watching your favorite team.  With Game Day Monitor you will be able to stay atop the latest breaking NFL News, Team News, Scores, Standings and individual Fantasy Player stats and scores without having to jump from website to website.  The Game Day Monitor brings all of that to your fingertips in one simple to use interface.

Fantasy Football

We are Fantasy Football fanatics!  We believe fantasy football is what brings the most excitement week in and week out.  But on game day, monitoring our various fantasy team was tiresome due to the different platforms used by our fantasy leagues and the constant back and forth.  The Game Day Monitor obliterates that problem!  With the Game Day Monitor, you can setup an unlimited number of fantasy teams with customized scoring formats.  Then, on game day, the Game Day Monitor delivers to you all the statistics of all your players in NEAR REAL TIME!  No longer do you have to rely on ESPN's or YAHOO! fantasy apps that seemingly go down right when you are about to pull ahead in your league.  With Game Day Monitor you can watch all your leagues in one spot.  Fast. Convenient. Simple.


Having difficulty setting up your Fantasy Teams?  Don't know how to check the News?  No worries.  We are here to help with our quick and easy tutorial on everything Game Day Monitor.


The Game Day Monitor is 100% free of charge and can be found on Google play and other android markets.
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The Game Day Monitor is a labor of love. We provide the Game Day Monitor free of charge, using Ad Revenue to offset development costs. But as with many free applications, the ad revenue doesn't nearly cover the cost of even the back end server; let alone development costs. Therefore, we are asking for your help to ensure Game Day Monitor continues to be one of the best FREE Fantasy Football apps.